8 tips to how to get views on your Instagram

To get views on Instagram it is important that you know the differences between normal profile and company profile. One of the recent benefits that Instagram created for its users are the “Likes”, “New Followers” and “New Comments” buttons. These tools allow our followers to actively watch the photos we publish, showing their taste for them.

Here are 8 tips to how to grow your Instagramcommunity both personally and brand:

1. Publish your best photos:

  1. The share button on Facebook will publish your content on a fan page, not on your personal profile.

  2. Your profile’s biography will include a contact button.

  3. Include the category of your business.Example: public figure.

  4. Include a link with physical address that will be clickable to the default map of your followers.

2. Follow more people: 

Because it is a social network, reciprocity prevails in most cases, so following other people is one of the best ways to get followers. Search for references in your topic or segment of interest, review their images, comment them, interact and the followers will flow.

3. Never forget to use #Hashtags:

You can publish your photos using a hashtag with the name of your brand to promote it or place hashtags of relevant words in the description of your image. Example #MarketingDigital.

If you get views on Instagram, you must remember that the use of hashtag allows instagrammers from other places to find interesting topics and follow the owner of the account. However, you can only include a maximum of 30 labels per photo so it is necessary to use them wisely.

Many brands use hashtags to promote their own contests, events and campaigns. This will not only help your account to gain more exposure to a wider audience, but it also helps to attract your audience and boost the content generated.

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4. Be active always:

Through the use of hashtags always look for communities in which you are interested in participating, observe its theme, provide “I like it”, comment, keep updated the feedback with your followers and thank the people who have left comments on their photos.

Participate in the comments, thank the new followers, mention your followers when you are talking to them.

5. Analyze the times to post:

When you’re starting out, try different times to measure how often your followers appear. When they comment, they give more “Like”, etc. It is recommended to always publish in the moments of greater interaction because the level of exposure is high and you can get more followers with interesting content.

Analyze follow the statistics of your publications to know what is really interested and so you can provide differential value.

6. Provides meaningful feedback and comments:

Whenever you find something interesting, it also offers attractive comments. Leave comments that require answers like “I loved the landscape, where exactly did you take it?Most instagrammers take the time to respond and are likely to visit your gallery to learn more about you. If the images are good, the chances of them becoming your followers are high.

7. Use location tagging:

Instagram offers its users the opportunity to get-tag a photo where it was taken. When the place is labeled, other instagrammers who are geographically close or have visited the same place at a later date will be able to see your photos. The most likely thing is that they will want to keep up with what they are doing, that is the importance of this option.

8. Promote your Instagram account:

The fastest and easiest way to get followers is to promote your Instagram account on all the social networks you manage. Publish it on Facebook, tweet it or spread it on your blog with an app. This will make your followers can see your photos and start following you on Instagram.Generate quality content, be constant in your publications.


Instagram is a social media that is gradually becoming more and more numerous and forming a legion of highly participative users. Every day we must experiment and find the best way to position ourselves in our market niches.

As you can see, how brands to get views on Instagram accounts. Combine these methods with your favorite tricks to grow your Instagram account, and expand your reach, you will increase your Instagram ROI and you will make your audience happy.