Facebook Messenger as a Business Tool

Facebook Messenger is a service that allows to chat with friends without using the application of the social network itself. There you can send voice messages, use video calls, and also transfer money. Most followers on Facebook use this service for business in order to increase loyalty to a brand or product. Consider how you can use the features of the Messenger for a successful business.


  • What is Facebook Messenger
  • How to use Facebook Messenger for business
  • Communication with customers and employees
  • Using chat bots
  • Mailing groups
  • Auto funnels

What is Facebook Messenger

The application was created by Facebook developers in 2011 for the mobile devices (Android and iOS), and in a short time for all other platforms, including PCs. The service allows to send and receive videos, quick messages, and respond to them on behalf of the company (business page). read more

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Running a Successful Business on Facebook

More than a billion users have their pages on the Facebook social network. This allows entrepreneurs to move their business on a virtual track. The article will help you figure out where to start, what to look for when creating a profitable business profile.


  • First steps
  • Purpose
  • Action Plan
  • Creating a business page
  • Bright cover
  • Logo
  • Possible applications
  • Content
  • Attraction
  • Conclusion

First steps

There is no need to think that the first thing is to create a page on the social network and buy Facebook shares and likes. First you need to seriously think about your goals, build a plan, study the competitive environment so that the result does not keep waiting. read more

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What Articles are Popular on Facebook?

Each social network has its nuances. They are related to the news feed algorithm and the internal “corporate” style. If your posts do not fit into it, then it is likely that you will not be viewed as a peer. For example, long reads work well on Facebook. But this is not the only nuance that you need to know when generating content for this social network.


  • What content will your Facebook followers like?
  • What is good for Facebook?
  • Facebook post success formula
  • Conclusion

What content will your Facebook followers like?

Create intrigue in the first sentence. Do not use long introductions. In the first 200 – 250 characters write what you would like to say in the post. Do not forget to interest followers in the further reading the post. This is the main secret of the success of the content generating for this social network. read more

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How to Create a Personal Brand Using Facebook

Personal brand opens up great opportunities in business. Today everyone knows Oleg Tinkov, Richard Branson, Elon Musk and other business gurus. Such fame gives them the opportunity to easily attract investors for their new projects. Everyone will want to get in touch with the services of these famous people. Philip Kotler, a famous American marketer, considered the concept of a brand in business very important. If you are not a brand, then you simply do not exist. Facebook is a powerful tool for creating a personal brand. read more

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Corporate Facebook Accounts

Facebook is the most popular social network in the world. In the past ten years, it has been used not only by ordinary users, but also by the companies. Such companies as Ford, JPMorgan Chase, General Electric and other economic giants have their own corporate groups. Moreover, young startups also prefer Facebook when it goes about where and how to promote their products. How to get followers on Facebook for a young company, what to look for during promotion, and why is it important to pay attention to this particular social network? read more

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