Corporate Facebook Accounts

Facebook is the most popular social network in the world. In the past ten years, it has been used not only by ordinary users, but also by the companies. Such companies as Ford, JPMorgan Chase, General Electric and other economic giants have their own corporate groups. Moreover, young startups also prefer Facebook when it goes about where and how to promote their products. How to get followers on Facebook for a young company, what to look for during promotion, and why is it important to pay attention to this particular social network?


  • Why Facebook?
  • High level of professionals
  • More potential customers
  • Active audience
  • Conclusion

Why Facebook?

Because of its scale, Facebook provides a huge amount of tools for any business. The most important tool is advertising. Due to the large number of users and a convenient targeting system, advertising your products on Facebook is very easy. The task to gain Facebook followers is greatly simplified by using these tools. In addition to the increase, you also get a lot of potential customers, many of whom are interested in your product and would like to purchase it.

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High level of professionals

Another difference between Facebook and other social networks is a wider selection among the professionals. Many companies use social networks as part of their HR departments. When it comes to finding a competent specialist, any tools are good. And on Facebook there are a lot of professionals who are ready to provide potential employers with their high qualification.

More potential customers

Besides, pay attention to the size of the market. Nowadays, Facebook has two billion active users. And this means that when promoting a product through the internal advertising tools you will have access to this huge database. Its size may vary, depending on the specifics of your activity, but no other social network can provide similar numbers.

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Active audience

Another important feature of Facebook is the activity of the audience. In most social networks, the audience is rather passive and prefers communicating in private messages. Posts on public pages are reduced to reposts and photos. Facebook, along with Twitter and Instagram, has a much more creative audience. This audience is actively sharing their thoughts about life and other content varying degrees of relevance.


For any company (especially when it comes to the field of high technologies) it is extremely important to have their own Facebook page. This is an important part of the marketing strategy. In addition, there is a chance to recruit high-level specialists using the services of this social network.