Facebook Messenger as a Business Tool

Facebook Messenger is a service that allows to chat with friends without using the application of the social network itself. There you can send voice messages, use video calls, and also transfer money. Most followers on Facebook use this service for business in order to increase loyalty to a brand or product. Consider how you can use the features of the Messenger for a successful business.


  • What is Facebook Messenger
  • How to use Facebook Messenger for business
  • Communication with customers and employees
  • Using chat bots
  • Mailing groups
  • Auto funnels

What is Facebook Messenger

The application was created by Facebook developers in 2011 for the mobile devices (Android and iOS), and in a short time for all other platforms, including PCs. The service allows to send and receive videos, quick messages, and respond to them on behalf of the company (business page).

The messenger is constantly updated, and recent changes have affected the number of tabs. There are fewer of them, which simplified the interface even more. Also, it became possible to delete messages written less than 10 minutes ago. Changes were also about the personalization of dialogues.

The application allows to watch the “Stories” of Facebook users and add your own ones. Login to the program is carried out using data from your Facebook account (username and password).

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How to use Facebook Messenger for business

The messenger, according to “Infographic”, ranks second among all messengers in Russia. Although most recently it was equated to the ordinary chat. In 2017, monthly service was visited by more than 1.2 billion Facebook users.

Now the application has become an excellent tool for businessmen and helps to increase involvement to a product or brand. However, do not forget that before starting a project, you need to know how to get more followers on Facebook, or rather potential customers. The messenger works well for such purposes:

Communication with customers and employees

The service allows to create conversations with up to 250 people. Thus, it is possible to set up closed VIP groups for the master classes or webinars. The ability to conduct several dialogues separately is also an essential advantage. This will improve communication between business partners and project staff.

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Using chat bots

Implementing a chat bot will greatly simplify the work of managers. With its help, it will be possible to sell goods without engaging “living” power.

However, it is better to install a chat bot for a simple sales cycle, since a too heavy scheme will mislead the bot, and it will send the filtered questions to the real operator.

Mailing groups

Chat bots are able to answer simple questions, to inform users about changes in the delivery rules, product prices, promotions, etc. But, in addition to these actions, they can also carry out one-click advertising campaigns. A properly written advertising post will bring more than a dozen of customers.

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Auto funnels

The script when using bots is fundamental to success. It is necessary to lead the client from start to finish, starting with a greeting and ending with direct sales.

At the beginning of the conversation, you can remind the user that a certain number of his friends use the chat, and then suggest to contact a specialist or immediately purchase the product.

Messengers are now very relevant, especially when doing business. They allow to collect all the potential audience in one place, which greatly increases the involvement with the brand. Facebook Messenger provides all the features for doing business online.