How to Create a Personal Brand Using Facebook

Personal brand opens up great opportunities in business. Today everyone knows Oleg Tinkov, Richard Branson, Elon Musk and other business gurus. Such fame gives them the opportunity to easily attract investors for their new projects. Everyone will want to get in touch with the services of these famous people. Philip Kotler, a famous American marketer, considered the concept of a brand in business very important. If you are not a brand, then you simply do not exist. Facebook is a powerful tool for creating a personal brand.


  • Creating a personal brand on Facebook
  • Where to start from
  • Preparing a page for promotion
  • Conclusion

Creating a personal brand on Facebook

Only light-minded teens enjoy using popular social networks just for fun. Today, every self-respecting businessman uses this service to find new customers and increase information about themselves on the network. It is this social network, unlike many others, that allows to “promote” yourself as an expert in any business. That is, it opens the possibility of creating a personal brand.

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Where to start from

If you are going to present yourself as a brand, then conduct an audit of your page and pages of competitors. This work consists of three steps:

1. Clarify your target audience

Since your target audience can include several groups of people, segment it into several parts. This will allow to “present” yourself better for each of these groups. Getting more Facebook followers is possible only if you take into account the interests of all segments of the target audience.

2. Audit yourself

Divide the sheet into two parts. In the first one write your strengths, and in the other one – drawbacks. Use the first list in promoting your personal brand. Work on weaknesses regularly to reduce their number.

3. Analyze competitors

You can use the previous solution here as well. In one column write the weaknesses of your competitors, and in the other one – their strengths. This information is necessary for creating your competitive advantage. It is not worth it to compete with those whose average check exceeds yours several times.

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Preparing a page for promotion

Again, pay attention to the pages of competitors. Use a similar page design for yourself. Now scroll through your feed and delete anything that can hinder your business: pictures, memes, photos from parties, etc. It is advisable to leave only what your business will benefit from.

How to get 1000 likes on Facebook page free? Create some expert posts. Write notes about what you are competent in and what can be useful for other people. Write about what interests you. These may not necessarily be the topics where you would like to promote your products or services. But there should be a few less than “profile” ones.


Would you like to be recognized as an expert in some business? Create your “personal brand.” One of the great tools for its creation is a Facebook page. This social network allows to achieve great results.