Potential of Videos and Earning on TikTok

Now social networks are not only a way of entertainment, but also a way of making money. On TikTok there are no direct tools for making money, but this does not mean you cannot earn money here. Where there is a large audience, there are earnings.


  • How to make your video attractive?
  • Cutting video
  • Music for video
  • Earnings on TikTok

How to make your video attractive?

On TikTok users can shoot interesting videos with different effects. The features offered by this service for working with video are comparable to the professional PC editors.

Cutting video

During the process of shooting and editing the video, you can cut the video at the necessary moment. How to cut video in Tik Tok? The unwanted moments at the end of the video can be trimmed. For this, start the video editing mode and there will be a wide line at the bottom showing the video duration. Edges can be moved to any place, cutting off the beginning and end of the video.

If you would like to cut a few moments, the video will be trimmed several times, and the necessary fragments saved. Afterwards these fragments can be glued together in one clip in the right order.

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Music for video

Music can make the video even more popular. If there is music from a famous movie or top song in the video, everyone will recognize it when watching a video. How to add music to Tik Tok? When shooting a video, tap the link at the top of the screen near the note icon and select music from the opening music gallery.

To add the desired hit, you have to know its name first. Then, when selecting music for the video in the search box, type the title. If the track is among the listed musical compositions, it can be inserted into the video easily.

Earnings on TikTok

TikTok is not only a popular entertaining platform for teenagers and older bloggers. Many social media marketing professionals have found ways to make money on Tik Tok. There are no advertising tools for users here, unlike in other social networks. But popular accounts help their owners make money. There are several ways to do this:

  • Promotion of other accounts. With the help of a popular account, another blogger’s page can be promoted. For example, his video can be shared
  • Promotion. This type of advertising appeared earlier than the social networks themselves. Brand promotion can be carried out in any video. For this, a blogger may wear brand-name clothes with a logo or show a company product in the video. When the video becomes popular, users pay attention to everything in there. Including the clothes the author is wearing, what he holds in his hand, etc
  • Links to other social networks allow redirecting followers, since many of them have accounts there

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The large TikTok audience attracts not only younger people, but also businessmen. TikTok teenagers like the entertainment, when you can express yourself and show your talents to others, while businessmen learn how to make money on TikTok.