Running a Successful Business on Facebook

More than a billion users have their pages on the Facebook social network. This allows entrepreneurs to move their business on a virtual track. The article will help you figure out where to start, what to look for when creating a profitable business profile.


  • First steps
  • Purpose
  • Action Plan
  • Creating a business page
  • Bright cover
  • Logo
  • Possible applications
  • Content
  • Attraction
  • Conclusion

First steps

There is no need to think that the first thing is to create a page on the social network and buy Facebook shares and likes. First you need to seriously think about your goals, build a plan, study the competitive environment so that the result does not keep waiting.


You cannot aim to get 2000 likes on Facebook. This is a way to achieve the task, but not the main idea. As an example, it is possible to single out the questions “why” to transfer of business to this platform:

  • Growth of traffic on an existing company website
  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Building warmer relationship with the potential customer

Having defined the goal, you can proceed to the next item.

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Action plan

Content plan is an important part of success. To facilitate the task, analyze a competitive market. To do this, select the appropriate leading accounts, find out the information:

• Quantity, quality, activity of followers
• Types of posts
• What customers respond to
• How many comments, likes under the posts
• Frequency of posts
• Existing promotional offers, polls

Creating a business page

Active actions start from the registration, design, filling profile. There are no problems with the registration, while the other two steps should be clearly thought out.

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Bright cover

This is a banner that gives the potential client the main positions of the company. It attracts people. Here are the main positions on it:

  • About 20 percent of the test (description, offer, infographics, and more)
  • Photos of goods, services

It is not necessary to take all the components of the cover, it is better to choose a harmonious look.


The profile picture will be visible in the news feed. Decide on a simple image that has less than 3 colors, deprived of detail.

Possible applications

They will help to simplify communication with the consumers. You can choose from:

  • FAQ
  • Coupons
  • Signing up for a service
  • Free prize
  • Competition
  • Other


At this stage, the already created content plan will help. All posts are placed sequentially, they should be done according to the plan. People prefer something that attracts their eye. Good content are videos, images. Of course, do not forget about information posts that contain useful content.

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This is the last step to success. Advertising will help to lure people as quickly as possible. You can use the popular service “ALL-SMM” to increase likes, views, followers. People more often follow a live page with a large number of existing followers and likes. Therefore, skipping the profile promotion stage is not recommended.


Following the steps of forming a business profile, the company will receive a successful project. This process is not as simple as it seems at first glance, but the result is worth it.