Tips to Get More Likes on Instagram Without Hashtags

Instagram is one of the most popular social media nowadays, with a lot of users and fans. You as a user of this social media, you surely sometimes share your daily activity or special moments on Instagram, whether it is photos, videos, or Instastory. Once you post your photos or videos, you certainly want to get as many likes as possible. It is because lots of likes mean something and become an important thing you post a photo or video on Instagram.

So, it is not weird that you do many things to get more likes on Instagram. One of the things that you probably have done is by using hashtags. It is the most common way to get likes. But, do you know that there are several ways to gain likes without using any hashtags? Follow these tips on how to get more likes on Instagram without hashtags.


  • Make Sure the Quality Before Posting
  • Take Photos in Instagenic Spots
  • Make Sure You Have a Theme on Your Instagram Feed
  • Pay Attention to the Time
  • Tag Your Friends
  • Like Other Person’s Instagram Post
  • Choose Photos that Many People Will Like
  • Be Active
  • Consistency
  • Attractive Captions

Make Sure the Quality Before Posting

A high-quality photo is able to gain more likes on Instagram. Before you post your photos or videos, it will be better if you pay attention to the details. There is nothing wrong to edit your photos or videos first such as brightening the colors or arranging the composition. Just make sure you are not doing it too much. People love to see clear and beautiful things. So that make sure the quality of your photos or videos first before posting them.

Take Photos in Instagenic Spots

Instagenic, one of many terms that appears because of this popular social media. Instagenic simply means a good composition for feed on Instagram. Instead of deciding to buy 50 Instagram likes, you are able to get them free by taking pictures in Instagenic spots. From foods until roads, all of them can be your photo objects. By taking photos in Instagenic spots, your Instagram feed will have more likes.

Make Sure You Have a Theme on Your Instagram Feed

One of the trends that are getting popular on Instagram nowadays is a themed Instagram feed. By applying a theme on your Instagram feed, the appearance of your Instagram account will look neater and delight to see. So, it is not surprising that a neat and themed Instagram feed has a lot of followers. This is one of the ways you can do of how to organically grow your Instagram. So, try to arrange your Instagram account. Try with a 9×3 format in order to have a pleasing Instagram feed. If your Instagram feeds neat and pleasing, people will automatically follow and like your post.

Pay Attention to the Time

Maybe you are not really aware of this one. The time when you post your photos or videos on your Instagram indeed influences the likes you will get. It is because Instagram also has a prime-time just like TV programs. For the time selection, you actually can guess it by yourself. Try the time when you are getting bored and decide to open your Instagram. For example, during the day before the break time or after dinner. Those are the times that people usually open their Instagram.

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Tag Your Friends

Do you have a lot of friends on your Instagram? If you have a lot of wefie photos, you can occasionally post it and tag your friends. Not only wefie photos but you are also able to tag your friends when you post an interesting photo or video. It is the easiest way you can do if you want to get more likes. Beside the likes from your tagged friends, you are also able to get likes from other people who follow your friends.

Like Other Person’s Instagram Post

Do not doubt to give a like to other people’s Instagram post. Who knows that by liking other people’s Instagram post, you can also gain likes and followers.

Choose Photos that Many People Will Like

If you want to post a photo or video on your Instagram, choose the one that many people will love to give a like. Instead of posting your selfie photo, it might be better to post a photo of breathtaking landscapes where you were on your holiday back then, for example. You are also able to look for the most liked photo by using specific applications.

Be Active

Be an active Instagram user if you want to gain more likes. Do not only hope for more likes. For example, you can diligently like other people’s Instagram post, give comments, reply to the comments on your Instagram post, and also upload your photos or videos. By being active on Instagram, you are also able to increase your Instagram engagement. Because Instagram calculates the interaction between you and your followers.


One of the secrets to getting more like is a consistency. In this case, you can make a schedule when you post a photo or video on your Instagram. For example, once a week or once every 2 days. Just make sure you do not too often post photos because it will bother your followers. If you post a photo every hour, you will certainly lose your followers instead of gaining more likes.

Attractive Captions

The caption you write on your Instagram post is also able to help you to get more likes. If people do not really like the photo you post, but they fall in love with your caption, it is possible that they will give a like for your caption. You are able to make a funny caption, touching caption, words of wisdom, and many more. Make sure the caption you write is attractive enough.

Hashtags sometimes are able to ‘dirt’ your Instagram post. Especially if you write too many hashtags. So, instead of writing a lot of hashtags, you are able to follow those tips mentioned above in order to get more likes on your Instagram post. The tips mentioned above are quite easy to do. By trying those tips, the photos or videos you post on your Instagram will be flooded with likes.