What Articles are Popular on Facebook?

Each social network has its nuances. They are related to the news feed algorithm and the internal “corporate” style. If your posts do not fit into it, then it is likely that you will not be viewed as a peer. For example, long reads work well on Facebook. But this is not the only nuance that you need to know when generating content for this social network.


  • What content will your Facebook followers like?
  • What is good for Facebook?
  • Facebook post success formula
  • Conclusion

What content will your Facebook followers like?

Create intrigue in the first sentence. Do not use long introductions. In the first 200 – 250 characters write what you would like to say in the post. Do not forget to interest followers in the further reading the post. This is the main secret of the success of the content generating for this social network.

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What is good for Facebook?

Always write on your behalf. This, firstly, fits into the so-called Facebook corporate identity. Secondly, such posts will allow to promote your personal brand.

Would you like to know how to get more Facebook followers? Describe stories from your personal experience. Today is the storytelling time. People are eager to read stories and through such a tool you can sell and promote anything. Don’t know what to write about? Check out what your competitors are writing, what they chat about in a smoking room, etc.

Do not forget to include nostalgia. Write about what you used to do, what worked and what didn’t. It is not necessary to publish only positive bright posts. Your readers should see a living person with the successes and failures behind the lines of the article.

Use quotes of the great, but be sure to include your own opinion. Tell why this quote has affected you. Ask followers if this statement is true for them.

Facebook post success formula

In the beginning make a bright accent, then tell an interesting story. Try to develop a thought, and complete the post with a bright result. Mention interesting people in your posts. Do not be afraid to put links to their page. Encourage your followers to express their opinion about the individuals mentioned.

Lists are always popular. Do not forget about such an interesting tool for creating posts as ratings and TOPs. But if you make such a list, be sure to add something of your own. You can ask users to comment on your list or individual items. Such posts will add up to getting followers on Facebook.

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Facebook is different from other social networks. If you want your posts to be interesting and liked your followers, then use our tips. Always be sincere with your audience. This way you can interest them and make your Facebook page very interesting.